Build a Whole Life
Through Six Key Areas

Lean Into What
God Has For You

Find Wholeness
Alongside Others

Most People are Unaware that Jesus Spoke into EVERY Area of Our Lives.

Unfortunately, many people compartmentalize Jesus and their faith into one facet of life. When we do that, we miss out on the transformational insight that Jesus laid out for a whole life.

Jesus didn’t come only to get us into heaven someday, but he came to bring us to a whole, full life, that begins today and onto eternity.

He revealed that a whole life is built through six key areas–areas in every part of our lives where we can grow and find greater wholeness.

Growth isn’t easy. It takes intention.
Are you ready for the challenge?

There are Six Areas that Contribute to Whole Life

To experience the wholeness Jesus laid out for you, you need to evaluate your current approach through a new lens. When you take time to evaluate your life through this lens, you will start to see the incredible opportunities for growth that exist.


Financial health brings an indescribable peace to life. By growing in this area, you’ll experience confidence and reduce the anxiety that is often associated with a disorganized financial house.


Invest energy in establishing healthy thought patterns that directly tie to your emotions and outlook on life. New behaviors and habits are possible. Investing here can change the course of your life.


A healthy body contributes to health in every other area of our life. The human body is referred to as a ‘temple’ in the Bible. Fitness matters.


You were designed to connect and relate to others. It’s vital to invest time meeting new people and connect with others on deeper levels.


Your connection to God matters. Deepen your understanding of his great love for you and discover the Biblical relevance for today.


God has called and equipped you for a unique path. Invest time and focus on this area to discover new insights in your personal and professional life.

Select a Next Step for this Season

Once you’ve taken the time to evaluate your Whole Life “health,” how do you intentionally focus on stretching yourself in that area?
You can’t do it alone–and we’re here to support you along the way.



God invites you to grow in every part of your life. Begin your journey to a Whole Life by taking 5 minutes to complete the Whole Life Assessment–available in the Pathfinder App or your MyPathfinder account. Then use your assessment results to choose an area of growth for the season ahead.

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Setup a custom “My Journey” path by focusing on one key area over the next 6-12 week season. Dive into Pathfinder Church media content and discover events where you can find community and connection.

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Action Teams are short-term groups that meet for up to 12 weeks based on a desire to grow in a common way–centered on the 6 areas of the Whole Life Model. These teams meet on a consistent basis during one of 3 seasons: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Teams can include Bible Studies, Care & Support Groups, and Serve Teams.

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These events “Pop-Up” on the calendar all year round! Pop-Ups provide a way to experience new activities and meet new people in a low-pressure, low-commitment format. These low-key events are a way to help you build community as you grow in your selected area!

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Participate in a retreat away from distractions to lean into what God is calling for you to grow in this season. Intensives allow you to prioritize your pursuit of a whole life by spending intentional time diving into your selected area of growth.

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Upcoming Events

Pop-Up: Uno Tournament

June 22

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM


Pop-Up: Emergency Preparedness

June 25

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Pop-Up: Alchemy of Taste

June 29

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM


A Whole Life Leads to Life-Long Growth

People are discovering wholeness and belonging here.

“The pastors deliver real world messages rooted in scripture, intended to spark curiosity and growth in many facets of life…They truly practice what they preach – centering a relationship with Christ while bringing together imperfect people in pursuit of a whole life.”


“Outside of Sundays, there are so many ways to get involved… Pathfinder is the perfect place for family, genuine connections, true sense of belonging and most importantly, learning more about Jesus and living a full life in His love and grace.”


Care & Support

Every journey is has peaks and valleys. If you or someone you love needs care, visit our Care page to learn more about the different Action Teams and Groups we offer to support you along the way.

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Pursue a Whole Life at Pathfinder Church

Our church was founded in 1851. Over the years, we’ve discovered timeless truths that help people experience wholeness.

First, Jesus restored our relationship with God the Father. His life, death, and resurrection reclaimed us for eternity.

Second, eternity has already begun. Throughout Jesus’ life and ministry, he continued to point people to a better way of life. He not only addressed our salvation, but he spoke into our relationships, thoughts, physicality, finances and more. He taught us that right now – TODAY – there is more to this life. He showed us what whole life looks like.

We are imperfect people, but we want to follow Jesus because we know his way is better.

Together, we can pursue a whole life.

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