Know Your Next Step

Walk with Others

Pursue a Whole Life

When a big life change happens, the next step can feel even bigger.

Do you face any of these:

  • Stepping into the next season of life
  • A schedule that’s busy, but a life that feels incomplete
  • Finding a community that knows what you’re going through

You need to know you are not alone. Many people – including your friends and neighbors – may be wrestling with the same feelings.

When you know the six key areas of a whole life, you’ll be better prepared for the path ahead.

Be Confident About The Path Ahead

We believe the best paths aren’t paved. No matter what’s behind you, we want to walk with you going forward.

Connect with the Whole Life team

Unsure where to start? Let’s find a time to connect, and a member of the Whole Life team will help guide you through different opportunities.

Discover Your Next Step

Radical change doesn’t happen all at once. Taking an assessment of where you are now in six key areas of your whole life, will help you zero in on one key area of growth for the next season.

Pursue a Whole Life

You never have to go it alone. We have connecting opportunities year-round. As part of our Whole Life emphasis, Pathfinder offers Action Teams (short-term small groups), Pop-Ups (one-time events), and Intensives (retreats, etc.) for all ages. Today is the best day to start looking ahead.

Know Where to Grow

Whole Life Assessment

We’ll email an assessment to help you take the next step.

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Take the Whole Life assessment via the Pathfinder app or your My Pathfinder account!

Pursue Wholeness in Community

Meet other imperfect people who are in pursuit of wholeness and lives our purpose.

I am so thankful to be a part of this church. Weekly sermons are relevant and Christ-centered. My children love attending the Kids Ministry and often are the ones to get us up and moving on Sunday mornings! I have developed life-long relationships through action teams and volunteer opportunities.

– Lacey S.

The Pathfinder and St. John School community is very welcoming and actively seeks to provide ways to support and connect with others inside the church and the community at large. They truly practice what they preach – centering a relationship with Christ while bringing together imperfect people in pursuit of a whole life.

– Ashley C.

The pastors always deliver the message in a way that is hugely relevant for today’s issues. I am always so proud that they tackle real world problems and equip us with scripture and Biblical teachings to process and personally think through controversies. Their intent is so obviously one of love and unity.

– Scott M.

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The Whole Life team is here to work with you. Let’s find a time to connect and discuss next steps.

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Pursue a Whole Life at Pathfinder Church

At Pathfinder Church, we know that you want to experience life, feeling adventurous and filled with purpose. In order to do that, you need support and encouragement on your journey.

The problem is everything seems new right now, and you’re going through a lot of big life changes. which can make you feel overwhelmed at times, and unsure if you’re making the right decision and taking the right steps.

We understand you’re experiencing big life changes that can be exciting but also lead to anxiety. We realize each person’s journey is filled with challenges, and we all make mistakes along the way. It’s the journey that shapes us.

At Pathfinder, we’ve believe Jesus gave us guidance on how to experience wholeness through six key areas. We’ve also discovered that pursuing a whole life should happen in a community, rather than be a journey you go on alone.

When we put our trust in God to direct the journey, the adventure can really begin. which is why we bring together people, who will acknowledge they are imperfect, to journey toward wholeness together.

Here’s how to take the next step:

  1. Understand the six key areas
  2. Determine one area of growth
  3. Connect with others and grow.

Through one-time events (pop-ups) and short-term, small groups (Action Teams), you can experience growth, find community and connection, and take meaningful steps on your journey.

So, schedule a call with a Whole Life team member today. And in the meantime, download the Whole Life Assessment. Discover whether you may be needing to grow in this next season.

Stop wandering, drifting off the path, and feeling alone in this new stage and instead be confident in the journey ahead, supported and encouraged by others, ready to face the adventure that comes with a God-directed journey.