How are we different?

We live in a culture that values music as a way to express, feel, etc. etc… We want every student to have the opportunity to explore music in a personalized way, through a community that offers so much more beyond the lesson time. Students have the unique opportunity to integrate with the greater community at Pathfinder Church, leading and performing in worship bands across all ministries. We believe in the next generation, so we create an environment that allows them to learn, apply, and succeed, in community with one another.

Connected Community

School of the Arts is a self-supporting outreach ministry that is part of the greater Pathfinder Church and St. John School community. This intersection of faith and educational circles provides the opportunity for students and families to learn, connect, and grow in community with one another, all on one campus.

Personal & Musical Growth

At School of the Arts, we believe in using music as a way to promote personal growth and encourage expression through the arts. (Our instructors are passionate about having a strong foundation of trust and personal relationship with their students.) Lessons are intentionally structured to meet the needs of every student, allowing instructor’s to tailor the lesson experience around the student’s interests, goals, and learning styles.

Cultivating Creativity

We believe that performing is a way for students to build confidence, feel empowered, and experience community support for their hard work.  We offer a variety of recitals and workshops throughout the year that allow students to collaborate with other musicians, apply creativity through musical theater and other avenues, duet with their instructors, and showcase their personal progress from lessons onstage.

Private Music Lessons

School of the Arts offers private lessons in

  • Piano
  • Guitar (acoustic, electric, bass)
  • Ukulele
  • Voice
  • Percussion

Spring 2022 Session
January 10 – May 12, 2022
Registration Open December 13 – January 6

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the lessons work?

We currently offer private lessons in voice, piano, guitar, and percussion. School of the Arts runs on a trimester basis, with fall, spring, and summer sessions. Each semester provides the student with a weekly, 30-minute lesson.

What is the cost of the lessons?

Lessons are $28 per 30-minute lesson. Fall and spring sessions are 14 lessons over 17 weeks ($392 total tuition). Our summer session is 8 lessons over 10 weeks ($224 total tuition). Those extra weeks are weeks that are put into the semester to allow for student or instructor absence or cancellation. For example, if there are 14 lessons over 17 weeks and no lessons have been missed during the session then you would finish up the session 3 weeks early.

How is payment made for the lessons?

Payment can be paid in full or partial monthly payments through our online portal, which uses Paypal to initiate secured payment.

What time commitment is required from the student?

Students register for each session. Each session will provide the student with a specific number of lessons within a specific time frame. For example, a session may have 14 lessons over a 17 week period. The extra weeks provide a small measure of flexibility for the student or instructor in case of sickness or emergency. Students are also expected to practice on their own in between lessons. The instructor and student will work together to determine the appropriate amount of practice time.

Who are our instructors?

Our instructors are professional musicians, each providing years of performance experience. They teach from a performance perspective, training the student to their interest, balancing that with the required skills to produce the best performance.


What types of music does School of the Arts teach?

Our instructors cover all genres, from classical to jazz to popular music and of course, worship. The student and instructor will choose the best course of study based on the student’s musical ability, needs, and goals.

Where do the lessons take place?

Lessons take place at the Pathfinder Ministry Center on the 2nd floor. We teach in a variety of rooms. If you drive to the Pathfinder Campus and turn onto the west parking lot (between the church and Einstein’s), look for the Ministry Center about 2/3 of the way down the campus. Enter through the Ministry Center door and take the elevator to the second floor. Exit the elevator and an instructor will be there to greet you and help you find your room.

What times and days are available?

We have instructors available Monday through Thursday from 3:00pm to 8:00pm. Time slots vary, depending on the instructor’s current student roster. To find specific time slots available, please email Annalyse Erbst, Director of School of the Arts, or call her at 636-779-2386.

School of the Arts is a self-supporting ministry of Pathfinder Church.

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Still have questions about the School of the Arts?

Please email Annalyse Erbst, Director of School of the Arts, at [email protected]