An 8-12 Week

Challenge Yourself to
Grow with Purpose

Team Up with Other
Growth-Minded People

Action Teams Pursue Wholeness Together

Action Teams are short term groups that meet for 8-12 weeks based on a desire to grow in a common area of the Whole Life model.

Centered around one of the six areas of a Whole Life, every Action Team will provide an opportunity to connect and build community with others.

Growth isn’t easy. It takes intention.
Are you ready for the challenge?

Select an area of growth

Journey with Others in Action Teams

Team up with other growth-minded people as you focus on one key area of a whole life.

Select an Area of Growth

Review the Six Areas of a Whole Life and choose one area that you want to focus on for the next 12-week season.

Enroll in an Action Team

Whole Life Action Teams are made up of individuals who have all chosen to focus on one whole life area. As you enroll in a particular action team, you’ll set a goal for yourself, envisioning how life could be different in 8-12 weeks.


Journey with Others Toward Wholeness

You never have to go it alone. During each Action Team season (3 times/year), you’ll be engaging with others, journeying and growing together in a chosen whole life growth area.

Here’s How a 12-week Commitment Can Impact Your Life

A few Pathfinder Church members have piloted this approach to experience it for themselves.

“I wanted to focus on the spiritual area of my life. I wanted to be more intentional about growing in my faith. I found that by making the commitment AND having others to journey with, I learned more about God than I would have alone. I also saw myself think about the other areas of whole life and desired to put more intention behind each of them. I’m looking forward to the launch!”


“During the pandemic, I found that some old habits creep back into life around food and exercise (or lack there of!). It felt like I had gone off track a bit. I’m so thankful to have been able to recommit to my physical health. It’s helped clear my brain a bit and made a big impact on how I feel each day.”


Pursue a Whole Life at Pathfinder Church

Our church was founded in 1851. Over the years, we’ve discovered timeless truths that help people experience wholeness.

First, Jesus restored our relationship with God the Father. His life, death, and resurrection reclaimed us for eternity.

Second, eternity has already begun. Throughout Jesus’ life and ministry, he continued to point people to a better way of life. He not only addressed our salvation, but he spoke into our relationships, thoughts, physicality, finances and more. He taught us that right now – TODAY – there is more to this life. He showed us what whole life looks like.

We are imperfect people, but we want to follow Jesus because we know his way is better.

Together, we can pursue a whole life.