The Whole Life Benefits of Generosity – Six-Part Video Series

Learn more about Generosity and the impact it can make on your life.

  • Part 1 – Better Health
  • Part 2 – Greater Happiness
  • Part 3 – Reduce Stress
  • Part 4 – Stronger Relationships
  • Part 5 – Longer Lives
  • Part 6 – Synergy of Generosity

A Generous Life is a Full Life

At Pathfinder Church, we believe that living a generous life is the key to a full life. Everything we believe about giving stems from our beliefs about generosity:



Generosity is the heart of God.

He was the first, most generous giver, as evidenced by his gift of the world to us at creation and then by the gift of His son Jesus on the cross.


Generosity is God’s plan for everyone.

God intends giving for all people, not just those who have been materially blessed, because it is a way by which we can grow in faith.


Generosity through tithing is a best practice.

Tithe literally means one-tenth and historically represented the first and best. Honoring God with the first and best of what we have serves as a great guideline for giving. We believe in the blessing of the tithe (10%) as a spiritual best practice.


Generosity is about what God wants for you, not from you.

God doesn’t need our gifts, but He wants us to have the full life that comes from living generously. When we honor God with our giving and faith, He promises a full life of blessings that are spiritual and material.

Generosity Resources

The Bible is filled with many references to giving and money. It’s clearly an area where we struggle and need God’s wisdom. We offer small group curriculum on a variety of topics related to generosity, giving and financial management for adults, children and youth. Get in touch for recommendations.


Questions about giving?

We’re here to answer your questions about giving.