Join a 1-Month Project Team.
Incubate a Sprint Project.
Impact Your City.

1-Month Commitment

No one’s asking for your right arm. Just 4 weeks.

Make Connections

Join with a group of friends and family or we can place you in a group. Meet new people through the entire project.

Lasting Impact

We all want to see our cities thrive. Every project moves us forward. Let’s take a step together.

Look closer. See your city.

There’s a spirit of optimism that flows through St. Louis stronger than the Mississippi. We’re known as the Gateway to the West, but look closer. For those who get to know the people of St. Louis—they know it’s not a passageway, it’s a right of passage. Live here, invest here, and you’ll see this city unlocks more than the west. Creativity, ingenuity, and community are unleashed here.

Now is the time to let your creativity make a lasting impact.

The Sprint Process

Dream It

Bring your passion and energy to a one-time team that will take a project from dream to completion in one month.

Plan It

Experience the power of asset-mapping and group project sprints.

Do It

In week 4, groups from across the city will be on the ground completing projects and impacting the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prosper the City?

Prosper the City is an initiative of small teams of people who meet for three weeks to plan a unique service project to make an immediate impact in their community on the fourth week.

Teams are ideally 8-12 people.

When is it?

Group Meeting Windows:

  • Week 1: Oct 3 – Oct 9
  • Week 2: Oct 10 – Oct 16
  • Week 3: Oct 17 – Oct 23
  • Week 4/Project Week: Oct 24 – Oct 30

Why are we doing this?

God encourages his people to be a blessing to those around them. He even goes so far as to demand that we are to prosper the city that we live in! This is our chance to be the Church! Even with everything that’s going on in our world, we will NOT stop being the Church, and Prosper the City is a powerful way to make an impact for the Kingdom!

How are teams formed?

Teams can form in several ways. If you already know who you want to form a team with, you can go ahead and form your team! If you would like us to match you with a team, we will use the information that you fill out when you sign up to put you with people that are within your Zipcode, that are available the same times throughout the week that you are, and that would like to meet the same way you do, virtually or in-person. After we pair you with a team, your Team Captain will contact you about your first meeting!

Can my kids serve with me?

YES! Prosper the City is for the whole family, regardless of age! The hope is that you will join a team as a family, and even the kids’ voices will be heard and valued when planning your project! However, if a group of your child’s friends would like to do it together, that is ok too!

Is my team’s Prosper the City project given to us, or do we have to come up with one?

Each team will work together to come up with their own unique project! Now don’t stress about finding a project, the discussion guide that your Team Captain has is designed to make it as simple as possible. You will be surprised how your team’s project bubbles to the top!

Does a Prosper the City project have to be downtown, in the city?

No! We actually want to encourage you to keep your project close to where you and your teammates live! That way we are prospering the WHOLE city, not just certain parts of it. That being said, you may choose to Prosper the City anywhere!

Can I do Prosper the City virtually?

Absolutely you can! We are encouraging people to consider meeting in person with small teams as the first option, but if you are unable to meet with people or you’re traveling, you can join a virtual-only Prosper the City team!

How much of a time commitment is a Prosper the City team?

You’ll meet three times with your group, once per week, for 60-90 minutes. On the 4th week, your team will do a project that will vary in time depending on the project.

What skills do I need to participate in Prosper the City?

There are no required skills! Each person in your team, including you, will have unique skills and passions that can go into your project, and so each person’s input will be meaningful and needed!

Isn't COVID-19 limiting serve possibilities? What if we can't think of a project?

COVID-19 will certainly change some service projects, but it will NOT stop us from prospering our city! There are so many ways to give back right now, and you will be surprised by how many ideas your team generates! If a team needs to remain 100% virtual, there are new ways to serve right now that are online-only, and I encourage you to think through that!

What will we talk about in our team meetings?

We have a Prosper the City discussion guide that each team will use. Each week comes with a video to set the stage, questions about the video, and then activities to help you accomplish that week’s goals. The first week you will do “asset mapping”, where you learn about the skills, passions, and connections that exist within your group. Week 2, you will use a point-based voting system to collectively select your project, and you will plan the details of the project. Week 3, you will finalize your plans and ensure everybody knows their roles in the project. On the 4th week, you execute your project together!

What if this is out of my comfort zone?

We recognize that this process will be uncomfortable for many, and we think that’s ok! The last six months have pushed us all outside of our comfort zone against our will, and this is an opportunity to CHOOSE to do something out of your comfort zone for the betterment of your city! So join us as we all move outside of our comfort zones to Prosper the City!

What are the benefits of choosing to be a part of Prosper the City?

The Mayo Clinic says that one of the best ways to improve your mental health is to “Look for ways to help your community.” Choosing to be a part of something larger than yourself and working with others to prosper your city will make a positive impact on you and your family!

“Amazing experience. I loved it. Thanks to my prosper teammates! I loved meeting and working with you. I love St. Louis!”

Tim C. – Chesterfield, MO

Teams gather and projects happen throughout the city.

Find a group or project that’s close to you. If you’d rather be assigned, fill out the form and we’ll place you with a team that’s close.

Are you ready to see St. Louis prosper?
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