Lessons in Courage from Daniel In some ways, it was a blessing that Christianity enjoyed prominent cultural clout in the United States for most of the 20th century. But it had at least two major consequences: Christians forgot that the strength of Christianity is not contingent on its embrace by our culture, and it often led to complacency (and even heresy) on the part of comfortable Christianity. As Americans less frequently define themselves as Christians, it’s tempting for the Church to look back with longing for nostalgic, glory days of decades past. But that’s not what God’s people are ever encouraged to do. Instead, we’re encouraged to look for the “path forward” to revival, to see how God brings dead things to life again, and resurrects his people to power and glory. By looking at how Daniel lived as a believer in a pagan nation, we can learn a healthier, holier way forward. It requires us to be courageous and faithful. But rest assured, we’re walking in well-trod footsteps of the people of faith who have come before us!