May 19, 2024 | How can we make sense of the bible?
Questions to dig deeper into this week’s topic:

  1. What’s the most significant home renovation you’ve ever undertaken or witnessed? What did you learn through the process?
  2. In any remodeling project—and in every other part of life—there are things that are essential and things that are negotiable. When it comes to having a solid faith, what would go on your list of “essentials?”
  3. This week, Dion Garrett, talked about using “The Christocentric Key” to read the Bible. In your own words recap what he meant by “The Christocentric Key.”
  4. Think of any Bible Story you know from the Old Testament and try using this key. In what way are the people, events, or institutions patterned after Jesus? Or how are they depicting a problem that only Jesus can solve?
  5. How can reading the entire Bible, as a true story that God orchestrates to point us to Jesus (patterns and problems), help us know what to do with the more difficult events and passages we find in it?

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