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Short-term mission trips connect people to life changing experiences, transforming the servant and the served.

Step Up and Go

Following Christ can be hard and serving on a short-term mission trip in His name can be even harder. But when it’s your time to GO, he will guide you. Are you up for the challenge of being pushed beyond your limits both physically and spiritually? When you say yes to leaving your comfort zone, God will do incredible things for you and those you’ll serve!

2021 Mission Opportunities

Pathfinder Missions Open House
February 1, 2021 | Via Zoom
12:00pm & 6:00pm

During COVID we have lived in the creative space of innovation. The 2021 Missions Season will do no less. To kick things off we are having a Zoom version of our annual Missions Open House where we’ll talk about our values, goals and upcoming opportunities for Pathfinder Missions this year.

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Where We’ve Gone


Stronghold Cambodia Mission Trip

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Only 2% of all Cambodians are Christian. If you are the type of person who loves a challenge and want to spiritually be on the front lines, then this is your mission trip! You will experience a culture that is vastly different from yours in a town that feels as if you’ve reached the edge of the world. We join Stronghold Cambodia on their mission of teaching and empowering children with the love of Jesus, so that through your efforts, this little town can experience life and wholeness unlike ever before!

Potential projects include construction and repairs, Vacation Bible School, teaching English and computer classes, and community events.

What will this trip do for you?

This is the trip, more than any other, that will push you beyond your comfort zone. Things in Cambodia are not at all like they are in the U.S., and very little will be familiar. But as you are stretched beyond your limits, you will find a faith and a trust in God like you’ve never had before! You will learn to let go, and let God claim the reigns. And that is something that you can carry with you for the rest of your life!


Amigos for Christ Mission Trip

pathfinder_missions_nicaragua3 pathfinder_missions_nicaragua1

This trip is unique in so many ways. You will have some fantastic experiences, like climbing a 2,400 foot tall active volcano, and practicing your Spanish in the rich culture of Central America. More significant than that, you will help to change the future of Nicaragua forever! Our partner, Amigos for Christ, works together with the people of Nicaragua to make sustainable improvements, and you get to be a part of that! Potential projects include clean water project, new school construction, home visits with local families, economic development, etc.

What will this trip do for you?

Going on this trip will undoubtedly do three things for you. You will experience God in a very new and intimate way through serving and worship. You will form close relationships with your fellow mission trippers, and with the Nicaraguans you work beside. And lastly, you will get a deeper appreciation for what you have after seeing what little the people of Nicaragua have. Beyond these three, God may have more for you on this trip, so join us and find out!

Midwest Disaster Response

Disaster Response Mission Trip

pathfinder_missions_disasterresponse2 pathfinder_missions_disasterresponse1

If you are handy in any way, shape, or form, you can make a tremendous impact on this trip! Pathfinder is committed to helping people recover from crisis caused by treacherous weather around the Midwest. When disaster strikes, we find an organization we can partner with in that area, and we jump into action. The team will be heading to an area within driving distance of Pathfinder Church that is in need after a disaster occurs! Potential projects include disaster clean up, repairs, construction and renovation, meal preparation, clothing/food distribution, and evangelism.

What will this trip do for you?

For many of us, we’ve never been directly affected by a major disaster, and so we simply do not know what that is like. When you are a part of this team, you will be working directly with people who are in the thick of it, and don’t know how they’ll get back on their feet. You’re perceptions will forever be changed by the relationships you build and the hope that you bring through your hard work!


Wind River Reservation Mission Trip

pathfinder_missions_wyoming2 pathfinder_missions_wyoming1

The reservation at Wind River features beautiful landscapes and the rich culture and tradition of the Shoshoni and Arapahoe tribes. But behind the tourist attractions and breathtaking views lurks pain, addiction and a brokenness that only Jesus can reconcile. We partner with the Wind River Lutheran Mission to bring hope, encouragement, and fun back to the lives of the kids that so often get neglected. By going on this trip, you can love on children that haven’t felt love in a very long time! Potential projects include construction and repairs, meal preparation, Vacation Bible School, evangelism, community projects, etc.

What will this trip do for you?

When visiting the reservation, you will find it is all about the kids! You will learn the unfortunate reality of neglect, homelessness, malnutrition, and parental struggles that these kids face every day. Through this, you will form close bonds with the children of the reservation very quickly, and you can provide them love that they’ve been lacking. That connection with those kids will remain with you for years to come.

High School Trip

New York City Mission Trip

While in New York, we will work with several mission partners to serve the poorer urban communities throughout the city. Projects may include- preparing and serving meals to the homeless, passing out toiletries to families in need, prayer walking, cleaning homes or shelters, etc.

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