During Missions Week on July 11-17, 2021 we helped reignite and re-energize mission partners throughout St. Louis. We served alongside amazing organizations that are helping people find wholeness in all aspects of life. The pandemic had varying effects on local non-profits, and lack of time and person-power built up unforeseen barriers. Organizations needed a boost in energy and momentum to help them break through. With a concerted force of person-power, our goal to help St. Louis organizations push through the barriers they face and move their mission forward was a huge success.

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Our Missions Week 2021 Partner Organizations

Partner Organizations

River Roads Lutheran School
River Roads Lutheran School provides Christ-centered education to kids in that community. Pathfinder volunteers will be repairing and painting the classrooms, hallways, restrooms, and offices to give the school a fresh new look for the upcoming school year. This project will not only help preserve the school building, but it will also have a positive effect on the students and families who enter the school!

Feed My Starving Children
Feed My Starving Children is a Christian nonprofit organization that provides funds for volunteers to pack meals for starving children and adults. Their goal is to engage with other organizations to end hunger. Pathfinder volunteers will host a car wash to raise money to provide meals for starving children with a goal in mind of ending hunger for all!

One Heart Family Ministries
One Heart Family Ministries is a foster care support organization that helps Christian families impacted by foster care and adoption. Pathfinder volunteers will help the family update a bedroom, which includes removing furniture, painting the room and bathroom, and assemble new beds. This will ensure that the family has met the needs for the twin girls to be able to thrive in their new bedroom! For a second project, Pathfinder volunteers will help family deep clean the house, organize and pack the basement, as well as help the 11-year-old organize and pack her room. This will ensure that the family is ready to move later in the summer!

Lutheran Senior Services at Breeze Park
Lutheran Senior Services at Breeze Park is a senior living facility, and their mission is to help older adults live their life to the fullest. Residents enjoy interacting with the volunteers and are enriched by the experience. Pathfinder volunteers will assist with beautification of the facility such as cleaning patios, maintaining new gardens, and doing activities with residents. This will ensure the preservation of the senior living facility as well as enhancing the experience of the residents at Breeze Park!

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a food pantry that helps feed the surrounding neighbors. Pathfinder volunteers will be helping improve the prep room for volunteers to work. This includes cleaning and painting walls, replacing ceiling tiles and making the area safe for volunteers to work. This will provide a better environment to support their clients!

Humanitri helps families facing homelessness achieve stability in a supportive community, providing the skills and resources they need to survive. Pathfinder volunteers will help update the landscaping by planting new shrubs and flowers and spreading new mulch. This ensures that the residents of these homes will feel a sense of pride in their surroundings but will know that someone loves and cares for them!

St. Louis Arc
St. Louis Arc helps empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families lead better lives by providing them services, family supports and advocacy. Pathfinder volunteers will help with yardwork at the community residential homes to prepare for the warm months such as weeding, raking, and mulching!

Oak Brook Elementary
Oak Brook Elementary school provides education to the surrounding communities. Pathfinder Volunteers, alongside other community partners, will help with outdoor painting, power washing, weeding, and maintenance within the gardens. This will make a positive impact on the school and bring the community together!

Bryan Hill Elementary:
Bryan Hill Elementary is a community-based school inspired to develop passionate lifelong learners. Pathfinder Volunteers will assist with maintaining the new outdoor learning space. This ensures that the school will be ready for the upcoming school year and will have everything the students need for success.

Water Tower and Park Preservation Society
Water Tower and Park Preservation Society is a volunteer lead non-profit that helps restore, preserve, and promote the Compton Hill water tower and its surroundings. Pathfinder volunteers will help clean the park and gardens, which include weeding, picking up trash in the park, mulching, and clearing brush!

Sunshine Ministries:
Sunshine Ministries is committed to providing quality Christian social services to those experiencing homeless in St. Louis by offering healing from the past, help for the present, and hope for the future. Sunshine Ministries runs an exciting, dynamic day camp for their St. Louis youth, where they experience the joys of summer camp! Pathfinder Volunteers will prepare the campgrounds by mowing, weeding, leaf blowing, trimming, and gardening!

Crime Victim Center
The crime victim center helps empower people impacted by crime to move from crisis to resiliency.  They provide advocacy, counseling, legal, and outreach services to all victims of crime. Pathfinder volunteers will help paint new office space for the clients. This will ensure clients feel more at-home and welcome within the newly painted space.

St. Louis ArtWorks
St. Louis ArtWorks is a nonprofit youth art apprenticeship program that hires youth ages 14-19 to create art, receive essential job training, and learn necessary life skills. Pathfinder volunteers will help with organizing an art studio, painting rooms, and gardening. This ensures that there is a clean, organized, and functional studio space where youth can come and be creative!

American Red Cross
The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.  We will be helping this branch to support and thank those who serve in multiple ways, specifically by making cards for those in the armed forces and blood donors!

Southside Senior Citizens Center
The Senior Center has dozens of raised vegetable gardens which provide organic produce for the center’s meal program.  They also maintain a park-like garden with assorted ornamental and Missouri native plants. By helping in this way, we will encourage growth of native plants, which help support pollinators, and help contribute to the beautification of the area!

Fresh Start Community Garden
Fresh Start offers free, fresh and organic vegetables to their community.  They use the gardens as a gathering place for their community, where members can care for the gardens and harvest produce.  Our efforts will help to inspired more of their neighbors to join in on the backyard gardening!

Valley Park Foster Closet
The Valley Park Foster Closet provides children affected by the foster care system with free resources. Pathfinder volunteers will be sorting through incoming donations (including clothing and baby items) and organizing/cleaning the storage room. This will ensure that foster families and birth families have a clean and welcoming space to shop for the essentials the foster closet offers!

Mission St. Louis
Mission St. Louis empowers people to transform their lives, families and neighborhoods! By helping maintain an urban farm and a community garden, we will help them ensure that their neighbors have a safe, clean place to come and collect produce this summer!

Cornerstone Center for Early Learning
Cornerstone Center for Early Learning provides quality, comprehensive, and affordable childcare and preschool education for all economic backgrounds! By helping with the landscaping on their campus, Cornerstone will be able to offer a place of welcome, quality care, and award-winning early childhood education for at-risk children and their families!

Epworth Children and Family Service
Epworth Children and Family Services empowers youth to realize their unique potential by meeting essential needs, cultivating resiliency, and building community! They are currently operating without a maintenance director, so we will be helping them out with some much needed landscaping! By doing this, we will take some weight off the Epworth staff and make the campus welcoming!

Operation Shower
Operation Shower hosts joyful baby showers for military families across the country! They have something called a “Shower in a Box”, and we will be buying and collecting items to fill as many of them as possible. By collecting these items, Operation Shower will be able to serve between 30 and 40 moms with a shower! This project can be done virtually.

Lutheran Family and Children Services
Lutheran Family and Children Services empowers children and families to overcome challenges today so they can build a better tomorrow. By cleaning up the playground and green space around their Child Development Center, we can give the kids a safe, clean and attractive space to enjoy!

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army strives to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs without discrimination. By helping clean and take care of these locations, we are helping make the neighborhoods cleaner and safer for those who use these areas!

All Nations Church
All Nations Church does whatever it takes so as many as possible can see Jesus! By helping them beautify their parking lot, it will help them live out their value of being a church that prospers the city. It will also help nurture the relationships that All Nations Church has with the other tenants!