Bless a family at Bryan Hill with gifts of toys

Help us spread joy by collecting toys for ages 0-18+ for our partners at Bryan Hill! These gifts will help bring joy to any who receive them.
Sign-up below to purchase toys for a specific age group and drop them off by Monday, December 11!

What To Do For Joy With A Toy

  • Fill out the sign-up form above to let us know what age group you are buying for.
  • Go shopping for the item(s) for the category you selected. Item should be in the $20-$25 range.
  • Bring the unwrapped toy/item back to Pathfinder Church under one of our Joy With A Toy trees, at the information desk in the sanctuary lobby, or with our receptionist in the Ministry Center.
  • Pray for the families of Bryan Hill Elementary that they would experience the power of God during the Christmas season.

Gift Dos & Don'ts

It’s important to honor and celebrate the differences between us all!  In an effort to do that we would like to suggest a few guidelines for buying gifts for the families at Bryan Hill this season.


  • Tap into your inner child and find something that feels special to you.  The extra love and thought that goes into your gift counts!
  • Buy for an age group that you feel connected to; all ages are represented; it’s ok if you go outside of your tag and buy for an age that you are excited to buy for!
  • Invest however you are most comfortable!
  • If you have little ones, allow them the privilege of shopping with you, it will help them with their own generosity journey, and they will love it! – It’s a great way to start a conversation!


  • Purchase toys that speak to violence, i.e. nerf guns, laser tag kits, toys with knives.
  • Forget who you’re buying for. The majority of the families at Bryan Hill are in the African American community. Their little girls love dolls that reflect themselves just as much as your little girls do!
  • Overthink it. Your generosity is so very much appreciated, no matter how that may look!

Joy With A Toy

  • Select which groups you are planning to buy for.