What is Fostering Together?

We are a ministry designed to support foster and adoptive families in our community. Fostering Together is made up of a network of dedicated people who believe we can make a difference, and who commit themselves to the care and support of one foster family at a time.

How is the Foster Family Supported?

There are three areas of support for each foster family in our network, and ways that you can be involved!

Care Communities

Four or five individuals or families are matched with a foster family, and they make up the “care community” for that family. By working together, and using a shared, community calendar, these families step in and help the foster family with whatever they need in order to love their foster children well!

Fill out an application to be a part of a care community, and someone will reach out to you!

Email Alert List

So often foster families receive a placement that they are not ready for, because they don’t have the necessary tools. When we become aware of these families, we can alert a vast network of people via email, and they can respond to the need. This way a family doesn’t accept a 9 year old girl into their home, with no 9 year old girl clothes for her, just as an example.

If you are interested in joining the alert list, please email Janice Schultz at [email protected].

Fostering Together Events

Whether it’s a fun night out for mom, a continuing education opportunity for the whole care community, or a chance for the foster kids to have a mountaintop experience, we have a calendar of fun events for our Fostering Together network to attend!

Interested in becoming a part of this community?