• Fostering Together Supporting Mentor

    5–10 hrs/month

    Be a part of a NEW ministry at Pathfinder! Join with 3–4 other families to support a foster family in our community! Provide meals, childcare, playdates, prayer, and whatever else the foster family may need! Skills: A desire to help with foster care and vulnerable children. Perk: You’ll be empowering a family, who’s been called to foster, to keep fostering and loving the kids they’re given!

    Contact David Jameson at [email protected] to learn more and sign up.

  • Fostering Together Event Coordinator

    2 meetings/month, plus 5-7 hours for the day of the event

    Plan events for our Fostering Together families! Fun events, educational events, and connecting events. 3–4 events per year to start. Skills: Excellent organizational skills. Enjoys event planning. A desire to help with foster care!

    Contact David Jameson at [email protected] to learn more and sign up.

  • Mission Trip Team Leader

    3–4 meetings and mission trip duration.

    Help Plan A Trip, Grow With Other Leaders, Lead Your Trip

    Work with Missions Department to plan and execute your specific mission trip, including meetings, training, trip details and leading the trip.  Work with Tara to recruit and meet with those thinking about going on the trip. Help with trip paperwork. Connect with trip partners to help move their mission forward. Go on the mission trip! Skills/Requirements: A passion for mission work; Detail oriented; Willing to sign our Leadership Affirmation; Great organizational skills; Able to be at all trip meetings and go on the trip; two year commitment.

    Contact Tara Reimann at [email protected] to learn more and sign up.

  • School Supply Shop Volunteer

    One Saturday night/Sunday morning in July

    Help us pack 250 backpacks for Bryan Hill Elementary! We need backpack packers, school supply stockers, and cashiers. Skills: Flexible! A desire to help kids at Bryan Hill!

    Contact David Jameson at [email protected] to learn more and sign up.

  • Serve Local Project Coordinator

    1 hr/week (dependent on your schedule)

    Plan and organize serve opportunities. Work with current and new community partners! Connect Pathfinder Church members to serve opportunities that interest them. Skills: Loves helping people! Past serve/volunteer experience. Enjoys interacting with people.

    Contact David Jameson at [email protected] to learn more and sign up.

  • Eagle Christmas Store Volunteer

    3–5 hours in December

    Help students at Bryan Hill Elementary School shop for gifts for their parents! Skills: Loves being with kids! Skilled shopper! Perk: The Bryan Hill kids are spending hard earned Eagle Bucks on these gifts for their family!

    Contact David Jameson at [email protected] to learn more and sign up.

  • Christmas Toy Shop Volunteer

    5 hours on day of event

    Shop for toys with Bryan Hill Elementary School parents! Serve cookies and hot cocoa! Skills: A desire to connect with Bryan Hill parents. Skilled shopper! Perk: This event is used as an incentive/perk for active Bryan Hill parents!

    Contact David Jameson at [email protected] to learn more and sign up.

  • Christ in Action Advocate

    Twice Monthly Meeting When Needed

    Case management services for low-income or underserved populations in West County. Referrals to appropriate services: financial counseling, food pantry, etc. Work with clients on weekly and monthly goals to improve long term financial stability. Skills: Effective and efficient communication skills.  Able to set firm boundaries & have difficult conversations with clients. Patience and understanding (experience in social services or related field is a plus). Reasonable expectations regarding client progress. Able to focus on client potential and strengths. Ability to share Christ’s unconditional love.

    Contact Dawn Hall at [email protected] to learn more and sign up.

  • Family Cookout Volunteer

    5 hours on a Saturday in March

    Serve hot dogs/burgers, snow cones, or drinks at Bryan Hill Elementary School. Skills: Enjoys a party! Likes serving food. Flexible. Wants to meet families at Bryan Hill.

    Contact David Jameson at [email protected] to learn more and sign up.

  • Bryan Hill Thanksgiving Banquet Volunteer

    One Saturday in November for 5 hours

    Help us serve a banquet for the Bryan Hill Elementary School families! Serve drinks, be a waiter, plate the food, etc. Skills: Flexible. Enjoys serving food. A desire to impact families at Bryan Hill! Perk: Bryan Hill uses this event for an awards ceremony! Perfect attendance, most supportive parent, etc.

    Contact David Jameson at [email protected] to learn more and sign up.