July 18, 2020



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This summer mission season looks different as most everything has looked different these last months.  Instead of short term trips we have planned local serve days where you and your family can help serve your community while staying socially distanced.

CITY OF CHESTERFIELD – one of the cities annual struggles is to keep invasive honeysuckle out of their parks.  From a conservation standpoint this is a huge problem as it strangles the native flowers and doesn’t allow for the natural pollination that bees provide to happen.  We will be cutting out and piling the honeysuckle for removal. Serve Day: June 20th

ALL NATIONS – University City is home to All Nations Church where Pastor Chris Paavola church planted 5 years ago.  The building is located in a strip mall on Olive Blvd. and the parking lot is ready for a facelift involving clean up and stripe painting.  As a group we will help to give the property the TLC it deserves! Serve Day: June 20th

CITY OF ELLISVILLE – As Pathfinder sits at the major Ellisville intersection we are perfectly located to jump in VERY locally and help out where needed.  The cemetery that sits off of our parking lot has struggled to get the attention and maintenance needed from the local association.  We are going to help honor the people who have gone before and do some much needed work to keep the cemetery neat and beautiful. Serve Day: July 18th

RIVER ROADS LUTHERAN SCHOOL – A partner of our St John School, River Roads middle school has been joining our middle school students in numerous service projects over the last few years.  This summer River Roads is focusing on improving and securing the playground where their children play.  We will help to tear down and rebuild the wooden foundation of the playground and do some other cosmetic projects that will help with the overall security and safety of the students when they are outside. Serve Day: July 18th

$5 per person! This will cover materials we need to serve, so please bring day of!

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