July 21 - 27, 2019


Portland, OR United States




High School Trip (Rising Sophomore+) —TRIP FULL

Kaleo Missions is a new partner that has exciting implications for urban mission work. Their goal is to partner with churches, individuals, ministries and other organizations for the sake of most effectively caring our their mission to care for the vulnerable and marginalized in the urban areas of the United States.

Potential projects

Interacting in various ways with refugees and immigrants, youth and children, the undereducated, and the homeless.

Join Jon, Pua, and other high schoolers on this high-school-only mission trip to Portland. We’ll be staying and working in the city serving the homeless and refugee populations. Pushed beyond your comfort zone, you’ll engage complete strangers in conversations in a city where ¼ of the city identifies as “non-religious, agnostic, or atheist.”

Informational MeetingS

April 14 | 12:15pm | Cornerstone

June 1 or June 14 | Serving with STL Dream Center | time/location TBD

June 30 | 12:15pm | Cornerstone

July 14 | Students and parents pray over trip | 12:15pm | Cornerstone


Pathfinder Church