July 6 - 13, 2019


Seine Bight, Belize




Pathfinder Church, in partnership with Belize Mission Society, has been serving in the village of Seine Bight for more than a decade! We work directly with the people of Belize to bring an exciting, unique experience for the children there. This Vacation Bible School is a once-a-year experience for these kids, and they simply look forward to spending time with you, getting to know you, and just having a great time together!

Potential projects

Vacation Bible School, Construction & Repairs, Youth Leadership Development, Evangelism, etc.

What will this trip do for you?

By coming to Belize, you will undoubtedly learn from experience what it means to give of yourself. You will find hordes of children who want your attention and who want to connect with you, and you will find yourself pouring out all you have for 7 days. What you would expect from this is a feeling of exhaustion, when in actuality you will leave feeling more restored and more connected to the Father than ever!


Pathfinder Church