July 13 - 20, 2019


WY United States




Family Trip (15+ years) • Application due April 7 —TRIP FULL

The reservation at Wind River features beautiful landscapes and the rich culture and tradition of the Shoshoni and Arapahoe tribes. But behind the tourist attractions and breathtaking views lurks pain, addiction and a brokenness that only Jesus can reconcile. We partner with the Wind River Lutheran Mission to bring hope, encouragement, and fun back to the lives of the kids that so often get neglected. By going on this trip, you can love on children that haven’t felt love in a very long time!

Potential projects

Construction & Repairs, Meal Preparation, Vacation Bible School, Evangelism, Community Projects, etc.

What will this trip do for you?

When visiting the reservation, you will find it is all about the kids! You will learn the unfortunate reality of neglect, homelessness, malnutrition, and parental struggles that these kids face every day. Through this, you will form close bonds with the children of the reservation very quickly, and you can provide them love that they’ve been lacking. That connection with those kids will remain with you for years to come.

Informational Meeting
March 31 | 12:15pm | The Commons West


Pathfinder Church