January 4 - May 17, 2022


7:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Do you feel drawn to God’s Word as a Christian? It’s part of how he reveals himself to us and how we grow closer to him. But studying Scripture alone can feel overwhelming, or even intimidating when with others. This is a study for those men who want to uncover the truth and richness of the Word of God together in an unassuming and approachable way as guided by the Holy Spirit.
• 7:00pm (60 minutes) on Tuesdays via Zoom
• Verse-by-verse view of a particular book or section within a book of the Bible
• This is an ongoing study, one week at a time, at a pace set by our discussion
• No need to purchase other books or other materials ( is free)
• No prior experience is necessary. Whether a life-long studier or new to Scripture, just join us!
• Share as much or as little as you’d like; you are welcome!
• Not sure? Pray about it.
• Questions? Ask John at 314.630.1640 or [email protected]
I am not a Biblical scholar, but I love Jesus and love learning about God’s love, power, mercy, and faithfulness, with all Scripture pointing to victory in Christ.


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